Wednesday, June 24, 2009


For the past two weeks we have been without Internet. It's a strange world trying to remember how people communicated before the web, but somehow we made it through. Here are some of the happenings during that time.

Girls camp-and all the tired hazy days that followed it.
A happy Father's Day to all.
Our first call to poison control (and it wasn't even 6am yet).

Oodles and oodles of reading.

While it was great fun to not have the Internet, I am happy it is back. You realize just how much you depend on the Internet for when you are in the dark for a while.

Friday, June 5, 2009

If Only I Had A Camera

Earlier I noticed that water was dripping from our house under a bathroom that we don't use. I mentioned this to Kevin's mom today to get her opinion and we set about trying to see what the problem was. We decided that we should shut off the water to the toilet and wait for someone else to come look at it. Try as we did, we couldn't get the valve to turn off. 

Lucky Kevin happened to stop by home right about then, so we marched him into the bathroom to turn off the valve. Bennett, of course, wanted in on all the action, so I took him out of there and shut the door behind me to keep him out. 

I could hear Kevin and his mom talking back and forth, with lines such as 'It seems like there is more water coming out,' 'Are we turning it the right way?' 'What about this piping here?' Then I heard a noise that sounded an awful lot like rushing water coming from the bathroom. I went to see what was going on, and as I turned the corner the bathroom door swung open, Kevin's mom rushed out followed closely by Kevin as water shot up to the ceiling in the bathroom. 

Kevin quickly crawled under the house to shut off the water while we tried to control the geyser with mere towels. Several hours and phone calls later, I am waiting for the emergency plumber to come deal with my geyser and restore water to the house!

It was one of those things that even in the moment, it was still pretty darn funny, and if only I had a camera on their faces when that door swung open.