Saturday, January 26, 2008

The Down Side of Up

So the other night Kevin and I were having the age old debate about what to have for dinner. Considering my aversion to chicken this is actually a hard thing to come up with. We FINALLY settled on homemade nachos and got out the stuff to start making it, but we had one big problem, the ground beef was still frozen. Kevin started defrosting the meat while I pulled out a frying pan to cook it in. I put the pan on the stove and turned it on. Kevin brought over the meat and chipped off the first bit of meat that had defrosted on the outside of the ball before throwing the rest in the microwave. I started to cook the meat he had thrown in only to notice a roach walking across the meat in the pan. Kevin reached in there and got it out and was shocked when I told him I REFUSE to eat that meat now. So, the meat had to be thrown out and we started all over again. The wonderful thing about living in Hawaii is that no matter what time of year or how clean your house is there is always a roach to be found! I more than happy to send some to anyone who feels roaches are just what their house is lacking...just let me know.

It Begins

It is official...the first of the baby stuff has arrived at our house, which will never be the same again. Kevin's sister-in-law's sister (Marje) had a baby in December and somehow ended up with two bouncers and two boppy's so, due to her kindness, we now have a boppy and a bouncer. Marje rocks! It is weird though to have something baby in our house cause it means that this is going to real here soon. There really will be a baby to put in the bouncer and those nice tan couches behind it are going to get grubby with dirty hands. I guess it has started!

Saturday, January 12, 2008

Hiking Diamond Head

On Friday we decided to go hike Diamond Head, an inactive volcanoe not far from our house. The hike isn't too bad but it was packed with tourists. We did the hike Hawaiian style, in flip-flops. It really was pretty from the top!
Here is the view from the top of the crater of the volcanoe. The only thing in the crater is the visitor's center and the people collecting money for you coming in. For walking into the park we had to pay $1 each. I figure that money goes to pay all the employees they had down there to insure they got their money. They even yelled after a couple that didn't realize they had to pay.
Here is a look at Waikiki and downtown Honolulu farther in the distance. It looks like quite the mass of buildings when you look at it from this angle.
Isn't Hawaii pretty?!? It almost looks like a painting because the water is so clear. Proof that we really were up there and didn't just steal the pictures from someone else's website and post them as our own! The sun up there was so bright it hurt to look at the camera.
The worst of the staircases we had to climb. In my dislike of heights I was not excited about having to go up these, knowing that I would have to come back down them. As you can see people go up and down these at the same time when really there is only room for traffic going one way. Definately not my favorite part of this hike.