Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Passing Time with the Perry's

This past week we were able to convince the Perry's to come visit us. Carli and I haven't gotten to spend more than an hour together since her wedding. It was too fun to have girl time whenever we wanted it, and both of our Kevin's were kind enough to let us spend every night chatting away. The Perry's were also lifesavers and watched Holland while I took Bennett for his stitches. I cannot thank you guys enough!

 It was so fun to finally get to meet Paige. The kids had a great time playing with each other and since they left Ben has been asking where Paige is. It was great to have them here. Come back and see us again!

(Getting three kids to sit still, by each other to take a picture...not so easy!)

Monday, September 19, 2011

My Official Welcome

 Before you have a boy everyone tells you about all the crazy things boys do and the multiple trips to the ER for various injuries. For almost three and a half years I have been pretty lucky. Sure, Bennett is a boy and does things that aren't the smartest (for instance last week he fell head first off of his toy buggy which I had told him repeatedly not to get on top of), but he has never managed to really hurt himself...until last weekend.

This past Saturday I received my official welcome to being the mother of a boy and he officially got his first battle wound. He wasn't even doing anything crazy-just slipped coming out of the shower.

He was a real sport about it all. He didn't want to go to the doctor at all, but once we were there he was wonderful. He held perfectly still through the multiple shots to numb him and the stitches. Despite his good behavior, I hope not to make any return trips any time soon.

Now if I can just convince him to try to keep this dry or wear a band-aid on it...
Wish me luck!

Labor Day



Thursday, September 8, 2011

Little Milestones

 Due to the outrageous cost of preschools here, we decided to form our own preschool with some friends. 

Last week all the fun started. Since then, Bennett has been begging for preschool everyday.

What three-year-old wouldn't love time with their friends singing, doing crafts and lots of other fun stuff!
(However, having pictures taken for your first day of preschool was not on his list of things he loves. Thanks Nancy for the pictures).

And, at the ripe old age of ten months, Holland has finally decided it might be worth crawling. It's amazing the things you can get to when you move. Let the bruised forehead begin!