Sunday, December 27, 2009

Request for Inspiration

Trevor (left) and his companion preparing to harvest.

Hey all!
As you know, Melanie's brother, Trevor, is serving his mission in Kobe, Japan. Trevor's birthday is coming up, and we wanted to send him some inspirational talks as a birthday present. To this end, please let us know of any speeches or talks that have inspired you to live better. We are hoping to send him quite a collection...

Monday, December 21, 2009

Presenting Bennett

We have had two recent surprise performances by Bennett.

The first happened at the ward Christmas party. As the narrator began to tell the nativity story Bennett pulled the curtains on the stage apart and made his grand entrance along the stage edge, as every mother in the audience cringed waiting for him to fall. Thankfully I got there quickly and the crisis was averted. He, of course, basked in the attention.

His most recent performance happened last night at the Stake Christmas Concert. For those of you that have not been, it is fantastic. I have gone to the performances at the Conference Center, and I have to say, our stake holds its own. The concert included this year the choir, orchestra, children's choir, handbell choir and the state Drill Team. Through the first half Bennett was really good. We were sitting right by the percussion (easy access to a door out) and he was entertained by all that was going on.

At intermission Kevin decided to see if he could get him to go to sleep and began the process of pushing him around in the stroller outside. The concert resumed and Kevin was still out walking. The choir and orchestra were performing The Little Drummer Boy and from our seats we had a great view of the drummer, being at the other end of the pew from him. As I was admiring the drummers talent I see Bennett walk in another door, right next to the drummer. He wanders in the door and up to the drummer and then stops to look around. I am in shock and can't see Kevin anywhere, but have no way to get to Bennett through the people on our pew.

Finally Bennett sees me and I motion for him to come. I thought he would come through our pew, and being little he could have climbed over everyone. He must have thought it was too crowded though because he chose to go around, which involved walking through the percussion section. Thankfully he made his way straight over while the handbell choir gasped about this runaway child wandering through the orchestra, and no percussionists were injured in the incident.

Here is to many more embarrassing moments to come, right?

Friday, December 4, 2009

Santa Is Just Not That Cool

In Bennett's defense,
he finally met Santa at 8pm
on a day that he hadn't had a nap.

Maybe next year, right!