Thursday, October 23, 2008

The Truth Is Out...

By all accounts Bennett appears to be a normal happy, healthy baby boy. He smiles a lot. He laughs a lot. He likes food and loves to play with anything his little hands can get on. He prefers standing or sitting over laying down. You can tell already that he would be rather be on the move, if his body were ready to go.He will tolerate lying down on his play mat if he has his ball. He will hit and kick the ball repeatedly just to see what happens. He will lie on the mat and rock back and forth, as any normal active baby boy would do. But he has a dark secret; one he has been keeping for quite a while now. One that his mother is slightly embarrassed about (and for some odd reason his father has no problem with). While he is a kicking healthy boy during the day, he is a blanket cuddling babe at night.

Do not attempt to adjust the coloring of your computer screen--it is just fine. His favorite blanket is pink! I have tried giving him other blankets, but they don't work like this one does. It is magic. Just lie him in his bed and throw this blanket over him and immediately his eyes roll back in his head and he gathers it to his face. Why would you fight something that works so well? Now it is out--we can be honest again. Bennett's favorite blanket is pink and, until we can find the blue version of it, we are just fine with that.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

On My Mind

I have had several different thoughts lately for blog posts and rather than write several posts here are some snippets:
  • I have been following the Nie Nie Dialogues for almost two months now. I wish that I had run into this blog sooner because she has been so inspiring. I have been also reading her sister's blog, C Jane Enjoy It, for updates and hope Nie Nie recovers well. I don't think I have ever been so concerned for someone I didn't know.
  • I have made a pact with myself that when I am not grossly pregnant or toting around a baby carrier, I will park far away from the door of any place that I am going. I have had several times since being pregnant, and then after having Bennett, that I have been waiting for a spot closer to the door with blinker on, only to have a car with a younger male pull into the spot before I could. Now, should this male have some sort of walking impediment I would feel much better about them stealing my spot, but seeing as so far none of them has had a problem walking, PARK FARTHER AWAY!!!
  • I recently discovered the calming powers of a nice scalding bath after a long day. I guess I am a little slow on this one.
  • I have decided to change my blog to allow anonymous comments. I know of a few people that aren't members of blogger and therefore can't leave comments--please leave your name though so I know who this is. (Speaking of commenting--I am sure there is a reason but why do we have the letter verification to leave a post and why must it be IMPOSSIBLE to read sometimes.)
  • Google Reader is my friend. I love it! I love that it tells me all the newest blog posts. I love that I don't have to check all the blogs I enjoy--Google Reader brings all my reading enjoyment right to my computer screen with only one click! Those Google people are genius! (I am sure it is Kevin's enemy since I am often found reading blogs now that I have found this good friend.)
  • Another impending Thanksgiving means another scrapbook has begun. I pulled out the supplies and started our yearly Gratitude Book--the only scrapbook I allow myself to make (it can consume your life, so for this reason I have decided to limit myself). Already I see this is the beginning of the craft table sitting in the middle of our room for the next month and a half, while I feverishly try to get this finished before Thanksgiving. Traditions, once you start them they are hard to break.

Speaking of scrapbooks, the tables ominous presence in the middle of the room is calling to me...

Tuesday, October 14, 2008


For some reason we have beenvbusy lately. Here are some of the things we have been up to. We watched General Conference...
...we had quite a few swim days and Asher celebrated his 4th birthday...
...enjoyed lovely sunsets...
...cute kids...
...and fun visitors!