Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Easily Amused...

Making me really happy I have realized is not that hard. Last night Kevin suggested we go for a walk to the park near our house. As we were walking we heard tons of emergency vehicles racing toward the back of the valley we will live. It seemed like a lot of cars, but we didn't think about it too much. As we were making our way home I heard one of them coming back out of the valley with sirens and lights going. I assumed it was an ambulence and made Kevin stop for a minute to watch it go by. Well, instead it was a fire truck and it pulled into the parking lot right of the park right by us. We watched the firemen get out of the truck not really in a hurry and go over to talk to a soccer team. (The weird part was that these firemen looked more prepared to go mountain climbing than to fight a fire...they had all the climbing gear attached to their belt). After a minute the soccer team started clearing all their stuff off the field.

As we were walking by Kevin tried to listen in to their scanner to find out what was going on. He knows I am always curious what is going on and convinced me to stay and watch. They cleared the field and directed a helicopter in to land on the field. It came right over our heads and landed, the firemen hopped in and then it took off. I was so excited because I have never been this close to a helicopter before and have never seen one take off. It was so cool! We watched the helicopter fly all over the mountain line surrounding the valley with their spotlight. Another watcher came and told us that a couple were hiking and had gotten lost and couldn't make their way down. The wife happened to be 6 months pregnant so they didn't want to leave her up on the mountain all night. I read this morning that they were found and it took firemen, with the family, four and a half hours to hike down from where they were. (The helicopter ended up not being able to get them because of cloud cover). While this may seem simple to most, I was super excited to be that close to a helicopter and watch it all happen. I guess it is the simple things in life!

Monday, March 24, 2008


This past week was our anniversary and Kevin took to calling it our anniversaweek since the festivities were spread out. Since Kevin had class till 8 on Wednesday (our actual anniversary) we went out for dinner on Tuesday to my favorite, Macaroni Grill. Kevin is very longsuffering to go there considering he is not such a huge fan of Italian food!

On Wednesday night we went to Baskin Robins for ice cream since neither one of us have gotten a cone there in ages. About a half hour after downing the ice cream the baby starting kicking like crazy. I guess he likes the sugar too!

Thursday night we were supposed to go to the symphony but it fell through. All in all though it was a great anniversaweek!

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Tribute to Kevin

So, I have never done one of these pass it on blog entry things, but I thought it was be fun to give Kevin some credit for being the great husband he is, especially since our anniversary is around the corner!

how long did you date? We knew each other for about 6 months before anything happened and then we dated for over a year before we got married.

how old is he? he just turned the big 2-8

who said I love you first? Kevin did in a moment of weakness ;)

who is taller? thankfully Kevin is (and gets annoyed if I get up on my toes to be closer to his height)

who can sing better? I would say Kevin. He secretly spends his Sunday mornings practicing the tenor part to hymns.

who is smarter? This is the fight of our marriage. I honestly think we are each stronger in different things, although I give him major credit for going to law school.

who does the laundry? Ha! We had this conversation tonight. I told him I do the laundry and he said lately he has been doing loads of whites since he runs out of things before I do. Mostly though, I do the laundry.

who pays the bills? I started doing it when we got married and Kevin said that since I am doing such a great job I can keep doing it. (I think he likes not having to worry about it!)

who mows the lawn? Kevin is such a super husband and he does it with a push mower, nonetheless!

who drives? Mostly I do, since I take the car to work and drop Kevin off and pick him up on my way back and forth.

who is more stubborn? Most definately me! Kevin is so kind natured and easy going it is rare he is stubborn about something.

who kissed who first? It was a really long time ago. I think it was Kevin, but it is hard to remember.

who asked who out first? I don't think there really was someone asking someone out. We were friends that just kind of evolved.

who proposed? My sweet husband has proposed now three times. He reproposes to me each year around our anniversary because he says there are so many great ways to propose, it would be a shame to only pick one. (This year though he thinks I should do it since it is a leap year. Anyone have any good ideas?)

who has more friends? I think we would both agree that I do.

who is more sensitive? Again, Kevin is so easy going, I am definately more sensitive.

who has more siblings? Kevin does. He has four brothers and one sister, which definately tops my measly three brothers.

who wears the pants? I think Kevin does but he probably thinks that I do, so who knows!

I tag: Whoever feels like doing this.