Saturday, February 16, 2008

Moments You Will Remember

Today I had one of those moments you know you are going to remember for a long time and tell at dinner parties and laugh about. I was starting to feel a little better and needed to run some errands, so I thought I would head west and say hello to Jeff, Juli and co. who are just starting all this fun with the flu. As I am getting over to merge onto another freeway my car kind of jerks, but I think it is because I was changing lanes or hit a pothole (which is common here). Then I notice a sound and start hoping that it is coming from someone else's car. I tried slowing down and sure enough the sound slowed down too, so as I am on this interchange I realize I need to pull over, which is anyone's worst nightmere. I get over and as cars are zooming past me I get out to look at the damage. Sure enough, I have blown a tire! I am standing on the side of the freeway, six months pregnant, fighting the flu and with a flat. I thought it was the funniest thing I had every heard. Being the stubborn person I am I decided that I can take care of this myself and lug the spare out of the trunk, set up the jack, hoist up the car and am just starting on the lugnuts when my angel, Sunny, shows up. He is a little foreign man, whos english is not very good, but he sees me and pulls over. He looks at what I have and announces he is getting the proper tools to change a tire and returns from his car with power tools to change a tire. He had it changes in minutes flat! As I get back into the car I call Jeff, who has since left his house in his sick state to come help me. He met me at the next exit, took the busted tire and fixed it while I ran my errands. Thank you Jeff and Sunny for making this day much better than it should have been!

Birthday's and Holiday's

Let me just tell you that Kevin is great! The poor guy has a birthday only two days before Valentine's Day, which is cutting it pretty close. It means that this time of year for us is really busy and Valentine's day just kind of gets forgotten about, but we usually do his birthday up right. The wrench to the plan this year was that I have the flu. Poor Kevin didn't say a word about the fact that for his birthday we stayed home while I lounged around and did the same thing for Valentine's day. He didn't even really get anything, but he was a great sport about it!

Wednesday, February 6, 2008


So, during my 25th week of pregnancy we celebrated my 25th birthday. We had a fun night of mexican food (the best you can get here which isn't that great, but you live with what you can get) and going to see Juno. Kevin was a good sport to sit through the movie. I guess it is official though, as Daniel told me, my life is officially one third of the way through!