Sunday, July 10, 2011

Our Summer Adventure

Because a certain someone came home from their mission...

...we flew (what felt like) across the world to see my family. We had a family reunion of sorts. We went to Lancaster County, and then we to Hershey, PA because Bennett needed to meet someone.

 We also went to two of the Smithsonian Museums. 

We discovered the museums aren't as easy to go to with two kids and short attention spans.

By far, my favorite license plate of the trip! It made it easy to remember what car we were parked by.

One of the best parts of our trip was meeting up with the Oesterle's at the National Zoo.

Kai and Bennett were like long lost friends reunited. For days afterwards Bennett kept asking when we were going to see his friend again.

Kevin had to go back to work, but I stayed with the kids for a while longer and we had lots of time to just relax and enjoy summer. It was great!

Thanks Mom and Dad for letting us crash your house! 
Can we come back soon?