Monday, August 13, 2012

Welcoming Callie

Our little family has grown! 

On August 1st at 3:18am (I know, what an unearthly hour!) we welcomed Callie Dominique.

She weighed in at a whopping 5lbs. 10oz. and 18 inches long.

Our family has been pretty excited to have her finally here.

Bennett is the gushing older brother who is so proud of himself for "what he has done." He doesn't actually call Callie by her name, he refers to her as "My New Baby." Don't worry he has already put in orders for a boy next and lots and lots more babies. We might have to talk about this...

And Holland is trying to love Callie to death. I am surprised at how each morning she is still amazed to find a baby in our house. Wonder when that one will wear off?

All in all, we are doing great and are excited to have little Callie as part of our family.